WinchBot – a robotic arm composed of 3 winches, 5 servos, an Arduino Uno and a Raspberry Pi


Special thanks for the materials to //

Table Of Content:
00:05 Introduction
01:02 Milling the parts
01:24 Construction details
04:05 Starting parameters
05:12 Remote control
06:52 Future improvements
08:55 …not the end.



  1. Awesome machining! Love the way you put together stuff. It reminds me of steam punk stuff. I try to use stuff at hand even when stuff is cheap to buy instead of make.

    I was wondering why you don't use the optical sensor strips from old printers? It looks like you salvaged some of the sensors from them but I'm not sure. Anyways I'm building another 3d printer using printer scraps, even using the DC motors and optical sensors. I call it a ScrapRap. I just wish I could hack the printer boards to control the printer instead of buying a board for it.

    As for this robot project I was thinking about something similar to this but at the scale of my entire living room so I could have it grab things for me.

    Miles of Smiles!

  2. Awesome! That is a really huge contribution to open source robotics! And obviously a huge development effort.

    I was thinking of something for you – a possible diy encoder for linear motion. The magnetic sheet used for thin refrigerator magnets has lines of alternating field polarity at regular spacing. Perhaps motion past these lines could be counted using a coil or hall effect sensor to determine linear position at a fairly high speed. This would be like a magnetic tape recorder – but the engineering is too hard for me 😉 Something for you to fill your idle time 😉

    Thanks for these incredible machines – i really like how you keep the materials and building simple!


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