Sunday, February 28, 2021

Line Following Robot

Video tutorial line following Robots Assembly to Coding Do it yourself !! source

Hacking the Robotic Cleaner – Hackware v3.14159

Speaker: Kenneth Lim Venue sponsored by Collision8 Location: Collision8 Alchemist Workshop (Entrance through Dot & Dash) 1) (15min) Hacking the Robotic Cleaner - Kenneth Lim 2) (15min) STM32 based nanosatellite project - Sudharshan Sudhar (15mins) 3) (10 mins) USB powered speaker system - Alex Filimonov Event...

Anyone Can Build Robots Rover Kit Unboxing and Assembly

Check out ACBR Rover Kit: // Next video will demo the example codes, and I plan on incorporating a sensor to make the robot more useful. Thanks to @keith_developer for providing the kit for this video. source

Sharp Robohon speaks English at the Qualcomm booth at MWC 2016

Sharp Robohon (which I previously filmed at // is Sharp's vision for the future of the smartphone. A pocket-sized humanoid Robot, with built-in Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, LTE Sim card slot, it has a built-in projector, microphone, speaker. The concept is to use AI...

How to Make a Line Following Robot without Microcontroller with Gydt craft

Learn-How to make a line following robot at home without using microcontroller. EasyEDA is a cloud-based EDA tool suite which supports open source and working collaboratively. There is a huge collection of projects for Arduino and basic electronics, you can access those for FREE. With EasyEDA...

Nalah and Nadia Show – Plays with Cutie Pie the Robot

Nalah and Nadia built a robot with the help of their parents. As they discover their love for technology and engineering, they named their Robot, "Cutie Pie". Cutie pie plays, dances, and discovers with her new best friends. Thank you for watching and subscribing! #NalahAndNadiaShow #Robots...

Intel RealSense 400 for self-driving cars, autonomous drones, Robots, for indoor and outdoor use

Intel RealSense Camera 400 Series is their next-generation RealSense camera that offers improved accuracy with more than double the number of 3D points captured per second and more than double the operating range compared with Intel RealSense 300. source

How to Make a Stair Climbing Robot based on Rocker Bogie Mechanism | DIY Projects | Mars Rover

This video explains in detail how you can make your own stair climbing robot car by using acrylic parts and various other components such as, * DC motors * Motor mounts, evive * Lithium polymer battery * Motor driver * standoffs * Bluetooth module HC05 * wheels, and jumper cables. Get ready...

OpenBot Turning Smartphones into Robots

In this video, you'll understand the possibility of using your smartphone as a robot, all tools are available on source

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