Saturday, May 7, 2022

Arduino Opla Flower Companion Robot

A desk companion robot to fight against daily stress and anxiety. This is the Opla Stress flower. A social desk robot created with an Arduino Opla kit and recycled materials whose purpose is to try to reflect your emotional state and act over your environment...

Science Experiments Kits for kids | Monster Maker Kit | Robot Kit || Building Blocks Toys Gifts

All of these videos in this channel belongs to the website owner and the product owner. it's not a promotional video we are doing here. Just triying to introduce some cool gadgets with the world. All the videos, songs, images and graphics used in the...

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacum – MOP Essential Model Number SKV4136GL

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacum - MOP Essential Model Number SKV4136GL source

TECNALIA and Kawada Robotics Collaboration to provide advanced functionalities to NEXTAGE Robot

TECNALIA and Kawada #Robotics Collaboration to provide advanced functionalities to NEXTAGE Robot through API TECNALIA and #KAWADA Robotics have signed a Collaboration agreement. The objective is to develop #RoboticSoftware to expand the capabilities of the NEXTAGE robot in production and ease its deployment. To achieve this, TECNALIA’s...

Advanced Mobile Robotics: Lecture 1-2c – Inverse Kinematics

Today's lecture is about inverse kinematics. Given a goal pose or motion for a mobile robot, how do you determine the angular and linear velocity to get the robot to the goal. This is a difficult problem to solve but it can be simplified...

ECE425 Mobile Robotics: Human-Robot Interfaces for Mapping

Mobile Robotics Mapping Map Making Human-Robot Interfaces Human-Robot Interaction source

Nebraska Robotics Expo – More Than Just a Robot – Carlotta Berry, PhD – 4.10.21

This video was created for the Nebraska Robotics Expo during National Robotics Week. It was a presentation for elementary and middle school kids on why a robot is more than just a robot. It is STEAMtastic and a great way to learn about science,...

Light Tracking with Sparkfun Inventor Kit v4.1 Robot – part II #BlackInRobotics #BlackInEngineering

This video will describe the code to make a basic Braitenberg vehicle with one photoresistor. The robot used is from the Sparkfun Inventors Kit v4.1 Robot. #NoireSTEMinist @DrCaBerry on Twitter, Tiktok and Instagram Videos about engineering education, robotics education and diversifying STEM. Carlotta A. Berry,...

Robot Rodeo (Fall 2016)

This is video of the ECE160 Engineering Practice final project competition. The students were tasked with designing the sensor suite and programming a Parallax Robot with Arduino shield and gripper to gather, collect and deliver stationary and moving wind up chickens. The robot operated...

China Best Robot Restaurant

China Best Robot Restaurant #NaomiSexycyborgWu #AllInTechnology From NAOMI “SEXYCYBORG” WU VIDEOS are based on sexycyborg, 3d dress, 3d printed fashion, unboxing, 3d printer review, surgery, augmentation, implants, transhumanism, cyborg with 3d printing 2021, 3d bikini, 3d printer 2021, 3d printed 2021, 3d print 2021,...

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