Why a Robotic Restaurant?

Spyce opened it’s first restaurant in based in Boston in 2018. Their vision was to create a culinary excellence elevated by technology. Not only do the robots create food bowls chosen from their menu but they also have an ethical and what they like to call an appropriately sourced philosophy for the ingredients they offer. Spyce Robotic RestaurantThe focus in the menu is towards vegetables and chicken and they also offer a wide variety of choice for the vegan. You won’t find any beef on the menu as stated on their website they believe that beef production isn’t sustainable.


The restaurant is located at 241 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02201 – 

Spyce Robotic Restaurant – The People and the Story

The idea for the restaurant came from 4 MIT graduates Michael Farid, Kale Rogers, Luke Schlueter and Brady Knight collectively known as the “Spyce Boys”. Spyce Robotic RestaurantAll being robotic engineers at MIT they decided to put their skills towards something they all loved, namely good quality food.

They directly emailed the acclaimed French chef, Daniel Boulud, with a multitude of Michelin Stars by boldly guessing his email address and requested his culinary expertise to help them design cutting edge robotic technology to create delightful, quality food. Daniel now has restaurants across the US as well popular cities around the world. He was excited by the project and agreed to become not only an investor but also the Culinary Director for Spyce.

Here this YouTube video sees the “Spyce Boys” and Daniel telling their story. See also how robotics is utilized to create the food –

Robot Restaurants – What Does the Future Hold?

The future is here and Spyce Restaurant are leading the way with their cutting edge technology for Robot Restaurants. Japan is also leading the way with a number of robot restaurants popping up. What could the coming future hold for us all when it comes to robots and robotic technology preparing our food –

  • There are already a number of companies working on developing robots to help and one day completely take over cooking at home. Expect to see a number of break-through developments in the coming years in this area as shown in this short YouTube video by Tech Insider and Moley Robotics

  • Fast food restaurants are working with technology experts to create, prepare and even serve their food. We could expect to see our burgers and fries made by robots in the coming future.
  • In Italy there are developments being made to automate the pizza making process. In addition, a delivery van is being designed where not only could the pizza be made by robots in the van but also be freshly cooked and delivered hot to your door!

There are so many amazing developments to come. Will this mean the end of human cooking in the future?


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