Sony Aibo robot dog


Sony shows off their new Aibo robot dog. Though it’s totally sold out and not mass manufactured yet, they only sold 2000 units of it in Japan (sold out within a few seconds on their website). Sony Aibo responds to touch and voice, it has 22 motor actuators enabling to move anywhere in the room on any type of floor. it has round OLED displays for eyes, a camera on its nose to help it recognize family members and search for its Sony Aibone, a camera on its back to help it navigate backwards to its charging station, it has two hours of battery life and takes three hours to charge.

Filmed in 4K60 at CES 2018 using Canon GX10 ($2499 at // same as Canon XF400 (+ dual XLR) and Canon XF405 (+ SDI/Ethernet). Get $25 off camera rental with this link //




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