SoftBank Robotics Pepper SDK platform for emotional humanoid robot


SoftBank acquired Aldebaran Robotics in 2013 and has been developing Pepper, inviting developers to develop new ideas for Pepper at // they sold over 10 thousand of these Humanoid robots making it the world’s most popular advanced humanoid robot. Sold mostly in Japan but also expanding Pepper sales to several different markets in Europe and USA and around the world, some examples being to supermarkets/stores/malls, on cruise ships, to telecom stores, to hospitals, at public information centers, government information/services offices and more. SoftBank Robotics presents some of its software partners who are developing use case software solutions such as for airlines to be used as humanoid conversational check-in kiosk in luxury hotels or at airports, guiding and entertaining people at retail shops/malls and more. You can see my 2013 interview with Bruno Maisonnier founder of Aldebaran Robotics here: //



  1. Stupid company behind this, they mailed me saying order received, then Nothing at ALL happens, then I discover the REAL price quoted is Only
    the first payment! After which you pay the same amount Each month for 20 months!!! Very Misleading indeed. Good that they didnt further contact me as I would NOT have continued with what I subsequently realised is a moving SIRI response device snd NOT a independant robot at all, Apples Siri can give similar LIMITED pre-programmed responses at no cost and without the girly-pepper voice!


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