SALTO – Teaching an old robot new tricks


Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, first unveiled Salto’s high-flying capabilities in 2016. Now, they’ve equipped the robot with a slew of new skills, giving it the ability to bounce in place like a pogo stick and jump through obstacle courses like an agility dog. Salto can even take short jaunts around campus, powered by a radio controller.

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Video by Roxanne Makasdjian and Stephen McNally
Music: “Endless emotion” by Bensound and “After All” by Geographer






  1. WAIT A MINUTE! This thing is powerful and the4y did not make groups of them? they did not make a web of them? they did not make them able t link and un-link together or work as a team? DO THEY UNDERSTAND THE POWER THEY HAVE DISCOVERED? go anywhere do anything AND WHAT ABOUT SIZE? 5 foot tall version and 10 foot tall version….like what is going on here? such things should of existed last year and be shown off this year….humans are so dam slow on things when any fool knows the programming be the same at any size and all sizes should be seen by now……I question the logic in the investing and goals here…. a 10 foot version could cross landscapes a lot faster and the get back up part is still missing… know the arms that come out to lift it to jump again…you know the other most important part it needs. and the whole how high can it be dropped and get a controlled bounce done and what would be left behind to do it…on larger ones it can have self location attempts to hit goals and correct in mid flight angles to make next jump odds better. The different feet I have not seen ether for different terrains like sandy or semi soft earth……I would say 99% of the work is missing and clearly it is lack of funding and vision on grand scales. Such devices could theoretically carry parts to build something even more useful in remote locations….I can see on go through a sisater zone to deliver a message of hope or medicines to trapped ones….I see so much potential for such thing synchronizing and helping each other be functional…I assume one giant one can carry many smaller one and they can carry a few tiny ones all in same shot of deployment when needed. One day you will just have to say to them HERE and HUMANS SAVE THEM and they be dropped find and serve the needy such things could hunt food bring water find paths out….I can see the giant jump to the building then hook as a medium one use it to jump higher then a smaller one to hook higher all to link a wire to lift them all higher and reset….such things could reach top of buildings and see inside or save lives…….giant big medium small tiny…all together are powerful things! AND ya I gave you the path to your future…you can send me some cash and help my dreams too.

  2. Scale it up and try and replace KIWI-BOTS (dangerous..,) clear a (rocky) beach head with 25,000 of these little guys instead of 25,000 men (though not my fave….) planetary explorers (put an icepick on the foot and go to Enceladus…. cool…) or even one intricate and amazing toy! I hope it leads to fine application! ☺︎👍🏼

  3. Молодцы. Но можно сделать проще. Убрать вентиляторы и балансиры. Добавить лишь одну малогабаритную деталь. Это приведет к большей точности движения, более мощному прыжку, экономии электро энергии. Можно добавить и другие нюансы, для улучшения конструктива.

  4. heat/human seeking jumping grenades and other baddies?. this video might be a record of how the apocalypse actually got started. laugh now all you want……….but this robot may get the jump on all of humanity one day.


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