What is a Robo Vacuum?

So these automated cleaners have been much hyped to replace your plug-in and handheld hoovers and Dyson vacuums. Until recently the price has been high but now it seems that the technology has advanced enough for the price to start becoming much more reasonable and worth considering when you replace your vacuum next. The draw being your floors, whether carpet or wood will get cleaned for you.

The considerations are now quite clear do you want your floors vacuumed (some will even mop) for you by a robot whilst you are away from the home or do you prefer to tackle the floor dust yourself when you have time with a handheld version.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner (Robo Vac) – The 12 Key Considerations Before Buying

Robot VacuumIt all depends on your budget and the level of technology that you feel you need. The considerations for an automated vacuum should be  –

  1. The type of flooring you have – hardwood, carpet or both? So choose a cleaner that will do both or one that specializes on just on one type of flooring. Some will both vacuum as well as wet mop. Hence, be sure to know what types of flooring you want the robot to vacuum first.
  2. Expect these machines to pick up dirt and hair rather than any liquid spillages in the main. Unless you find a dual function vaccum that does both.
  3. Do you have pets and find it a real chore to constantly pull out your handheld vacuum and would prefer a robot version to take care of this for you? Find one that clearly states it is good for pet hair.
  4. Have you got high footfall areas that collect plenty of dust and debris and now want this taken care of for you? For this you may want to spend a little more on a more heavy duty, robost robovac.
  5. Do you have areas that other vacuums can’t reach? RoboVac’s are generally small in comparison to a handheld and can get to many of those difficult places, like under sofas and beds.
  6. Most of these automated dust-busters tend to be self-charging as soon as their battery starts to run low the machine goes and docks for a re-charge. Check the battery use time to ensure it is appropriate for your use.
  7. On this note, it is also important to consider how large your home is and how long the battery life should be.
  8. Do you want wireless and smart phone connectivity with Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple Home systems? This would allow you to set the vacuum to start vacuuming at a time that suits you and even have the ability to start the robo vac when you are away from the home or office.
  9. If you do want to the cleaning process to start whilst away then you will need a self-correcting machine. This is important and worthwhile checking the review sections. The last thing you want is a machine that has turned over and cannot move any further as it can’t turn back over.
  10. How good is the monitoring sesnsors and the in-built AI to avoid falls down the stairs? Do you want your robo vac to have the ability to set-up manual or virtual walls for the vacuum to work in? As in point 9 this then means it can work pretty much autonomously once you have gone through the set-up process to recognise your rooms, walls and any obstacles.
  11. Remember they will require slightly more frequent emptying than the upright version. Though these dust bins are becoming larger with newer models.
  12. What is your budget? Prices are already competitive and some robot vaccum’s are even cheaper than some standard upright versions.

The Current Prices for a Robo Vac?

Current prices vary quite a bit and in some cases can even be cheaper than brands like the Dyson. In fact they have released a version on the market recently. Some of the other major brands available on the market at the moment are Roborock, Eufy, Neato & iRobot Roomba. It will pay to read the user Amazon reviews as well to help you decide.Robot Vacuum

Expect to pay from a few hundred to over eight hundred (USD,£ or EUR equivalent) but these prices will likely drop further in the coming 12 to 18 months. In fact, there are many quality reviewed robo vacuum cleaners available for just over 200 USD, GBP or EUR already which makes them now a viable option.

Our website does not offer reviews of any particular versions as we have the policy that the likes of Amazon user reviews cover this very well. Rather we give you the background and considerations when thinking about purchasing one of these machines.

Is the Robo Vac the start of having robots in the home, what do you think?


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