Robot Survival Game @ Japan SF Convention


Recorded this 5-minute survival game played by radio-controlled robots in Shizuoka, Japan during the 50th annual Japan science fiction convention “Donburacon L” on September 4, 2011.

Each team has 3 robots. The team on the right with red markers on their heads are the offensive team, and the green team on the left are the defenders. There is also one yellow robot, who is the neutral war photographer. Presumably you’re not supposed to shoot that one.

All the robots have cameras mounted in them, and the humans controlling them (behind the white walls to either side) have only their robots’-eye view of the battlefield. They also haven’t been told the layout of the battlefield, so they have to rely on their onboard telemetry to avoid walking into a trap (like the one green ‘bot who’s sneakily hiding right next to the photographer ‘bot near my feet).

They shoot plastic pellets at each other, so we spectators are peering through plastic-wrap walls for safety.

Compare these robots to the 2-legged ones playing soccer in my other convention video. Combat robots need more stability, so you see spider-bots and tank-bots here.

(Sorry for the momentary thumb at 3:12, I had to dismiss a text in the middle of the match, lol)




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