Smart Robot Suitcase Controlled with a Phone App?

Travelmate Robotics have created a completely autonomous robot suitcase powered by AI that will literally follow you around!

Robot SuitcaseIt has built-in Bluetooth, GPS and an accelerometer. The robot suitcase is controlled via an app on your phone and has smart little features such as adjusting the LED lighting colour around the edge and also has a smart signalling capability. Travelmate Robotics have also allowed other app developers access to the open source code to develop future apps via open API’s.

Do we have a driverless robot suitcase here?Robot Suitcase

The suitcase is adaptable by utilising AI and machine learning capability to control it’s motor using infrared sensors to detect and avoid objects in its path. Not just that but the company claim that the Travelmate Robot suitcase will follow you and be able to also navigate around crowds, large or small using it’s omni multi-directional wheels!

Travelmate Robotic Suitcase – Security and Functionality

They have even thought of security by allowing the app to lock down the suitcase. The Travelmate comes with an ION battery pack which can also be used to charge your devices you have, via it’s USB port, such as mobile, tablet, laptop etc. This battery can be removed and has the ability to be charged using wireless technology.

Talking about these devices the robot suitcase also has a special area to keep these devices secure built right into the front of the suitcase for easy access.

Robot SuitcaseIt can travel horizontally or vertically and that means that you can place other bags on top of the Travelmate Robotics suitcase and allow it to take the load and follow you!

How heavy is your luggage before you travel to the airport for that weigh-in? Well they have even covered that with a built-in scale!

It is no longer a prototype but available to buy in small, medium and large in various colours.Robot Suitcase

We may not quite be there with a driverless car but maybe this driverless suitcase is the start and may even change the landscape of suitcases as the cost of this technology comes down and makes it into the mainstream.



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