RadioShack Flashlight Robot – Part 1


Here in Hawaii we have a little market at the junkyard where people leave junk they think others might consider a treasure. We found this old RadioShack flashlight that looked like the perfect body for an R2D2 looking robot.

This will be my very first fully custom designed and built robot. It certainly won’t be perfect but so far I’ve enjoyed every minute of the endless hours I’ve been spending on it. I have a feeling this new hobby/passion may turn into a more serious venture later on. We shall see.

This robot will be using an Arduino Uno, a custom motor controller and probably a second Arduino Nano used to control multiple LED’s and hopefully eventually rangefinders. I think there will be about 4 motors involved (two servos and the two for the wheels).

My only worry is that the tiny wheel motors I chose to use will not be strong enough to haul around it’s increasingly heavier body.

Please feel free to leave me any feedback and suggestions. I’m a total noob with this stuff and I’m more than likely getting myself way in over my head.




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