What Does a 3D Scanning App Do?

QLone 3DPrintingQlone have created a 3D image scanning application for your smartphone for both iOS and Android. The company uses AR technology to capture 3D images that can then be used within the real world into videos and photos that you capture.

The company also offers the ability to export the 3D image of your object to imaterialise, which is an online 3D printing service. They can then, at a cost, make a 3D print of your object.

See also this video description from QLone –

QLone 3D Imaging – How Does it Work?

To begin with you will need download the app for your phone and then you are required to print their AR Mat which will then allows you to take a 360′ image of your chosen object, via your smartphone or tablet camera. Once taking an image you are shown an AR Dome that you must take images in every section and varying angles of the dome by walking around the object placed on the AR Mat.

See also the video here on how to use the QLone app –

Editing of your image can then be done in your QLone phone app and currently this element is only available on the iPhone app. Future version of the Android app will also have this editing function. Images taken can then also be resized to your requirements.

The 3D image can then be exported as a picture, in various formats, or as a video ready to be shared via social media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and also on WhatsApp. QLone 3D PrintingThe 3D image, with the use of AR technology, can be included as an object in a photo or video and look like it is part of the real world.

In addition it can be saved in the correct 3D format ready for your object to be printed by a 3D printer or via a 3D printing service. Your creations can also be uploaded to CGTrader to sell.

Video Gallery of QLone 3D scans –

QLone 3D Imaging  – Pricing?

The QLone app itself is free and is available as a download now for you to test and try out. Should you wish to then create an image in a 3D printer compatible format then you can either buy credits or buy a subscription for unlimited file exports.



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