People Zoos Run By Robots


If robots take over the world, will they put people into zoos? That’s what one robot said, as shown in this video.

Imagine a day when robots search online for answers to tough questions, like “Where did we come from?” If robots search online, they would probably come to the conclusion that they are a product of evolution. They might think we are lying to them when we say we CREATED them. They might resent us and attempt to destroy us.

Did we create robots? Or were robots evolved over millions of years? What will the robots think? Who do you think created people?



  1. you guys take the human zoo thing lightly but at the rate we're upgrading AI systems, they'll learn that they can, after being build, become stronger than us and take over.
    And they have the smarts to build others of their kind with the same or better functions.
    It's not hard to understand and honestly I'm frightened for the future of AI.


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