Ottawa Robot Games 2011 Line Following Level 3


A Line Follower robot is an autonomous speedster – a modern-day slot car with on-board speed and steering controls, and line-sensing eyes to follow a course of tracks out of your imagination!

Each robot races against the clock, following a black line on a white board.

This event has four stages. The Stage 1 track is short with a gently curving line. In Stage 2, the curves tighten up and the line lengthens. By Stage 4, the robot has dealt with serious crossovers, switchbacks, and gaps in the line.

If the robot goes off the line, the operator can move the robot to reset it. Five resets are allowed per stage, and there’s a bonus for each stage finished, with partial completion still receiving some points.

This video is of Level 3.

Congratulations to our winners:
1. Ron Clough with Linus
2. Diego Pontones with Speedy Gonzales I
3. Geoff Hall with MK2P



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