Omron CES 2020 Ping Pong Robot


Here I test out Omron’s 6th generation #Forpheus Ping Pong robot at CES 2020, I filmed the first and second generations Omron Ping Pong Robot here:

Filmed at CES 2020, watch all my CES 2020 videos in this playlist here: //

Filmed in 4K60 using using this equipment:

– Zhiyun Weebill S gimbal stabilizer ($439 at //
all my Zhiyun Weebill S videos are added in this playlist here: //

– Saramonic Blink 500 b2, dual 2.4Ghz auto channel hopping wireless lapel microphone transmitters to on-camera receiver ($249 at // all my Saramonic Blink 500 b2 videos are added in this playlist here: //

– Panasonic G9 ($1199 at //
– 12-60mm Leica ($797 at //
all my G9 with 12-60mm Leica videos are added in this playlist here: //

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