I get a chance to visit my first FIRST robotics competition, in Shenzhen, China. And it’s totally awesome! We see some of the top high school robot builders in the hardware capital of the world compete against top teams from all over the world in the FRC 2018 Power Up game.

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  1. FIRST Robotics was an absolutely phenomenal experience when I was in high school. It truly shows what teamwork, hard work and passion can achieve. I think that everyone should try it if they can, or even start a team if their high school doesn't have one. Thanks for doing a video about it Scotty! Cheers from team 4262 from Mexico!

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  3. Glad you had fun at a FRIST event. Been a FRC mentor for 6 years. You really should sign up to help. It's a blast! It's a lot of work, but it's so worth it.

    Programming & Electronics Mentor FRC 5534 Onaway Onabots.

  4. Omg, it’s midnight in China, and I just can’t stop watching your videos! Dude, you deserve more subscribers!!

    I am from Shenzhen China, and I think you show a good overall view of China through your video. From crowded market in huaqiangbei to things else like this.

    Really nice!

  5. That's what I love about FLL, FTC and FIRST is when you are at the event and say you break a piece you can go to another team that you have never met before and say 'hey this piece broke can we have one' and they'll say 'yeah here's a handful of 10 of them'. When you have two teams going against each other there's definitely a competitive vibe but the competition itself is more the teams competing against the clock or the teams competing against the scorer not the teams competing against each other.

  6. i want to make the rtx 2080 smaller and more compact and replace the 1080 in my gtx75 titan and swap out the i9 9th gen processor because it is the same form factor no reason why it should all work together

  7. Hi, Enjoyed the vid so much. I'm a big fan. Btw I'm a part of a Israeli team that is part of the FRC program. I'm so pumped that you got to expreince the FIRST vibe, And if you want to meet the best teams with crazy equipment, strategey and more. I will recommend you to fly to Huston/Detroit while the World champs are happening 🙂

  8. First robotics is such an amazing thing. I am part of a northern Texas team who won the rookie all stars award last year it was such an amazing experience to see your robot out there and being able to fight. I can't wait for this next season if you ever have the opportunity to join please do it you will learn so much and it is so much fun.

  9. I am from Mexico and participated on this competition. It is really on another level and a great experience. We won the regional and attended the international on Houston which was just a lifetime experience. Unfortunately this is my last year at high school so I will no longer have the opportunity to compete 🙁 The team is Stingbots #6702

  10. We did something similar in high school through a club called TSA, it was about all aspects of engineering though and you often competed in many competitions. My favorite was building the robots for vex and it very much is a friendly sport. When we finished the competition everyone was going around checking out other teams' ideas and how they went about it and how you could have improved.

  11. i was doing FIRST since 2012 till 2017. I was also the captain of the team which helped me develop leadership skills and other technical skills that I can apply in my life and school. It was a great highschool experience, it helped me learn that i loved working in teams and doing hands on work . because of FIRST I developed the love for science even more. Now Im a Nursing student and i love it.


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