Mini Battlebot in Slow Motion! Division V3: Weapon System (3lb Beetleweight Combat Robot)


Division V3 is still in development so today I’ll be testing out its weapon arsenal, and talking about why all these weapons exist.
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I’ll discuss the way the weapons are drive, self-righting, and design tradeoffs for the weapon system. Division is heavily inspired by Deep Six, the 250 pound Battlebot known for its gigantic vertical spinner. I only hope to live up to its legacy. Mini Battlebot in Slow Motion!

All logo blades have been sold, but you can still own a custom Division V3 PCB!
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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

00:00 – Opener
00:17 – Intro
01:37 – Announcements
02:26 – Send cut Send Metal Parts
03:57 – Weapon Testing
06:58 – New Weapon!
09:34 – Self Right Quickly
09:50 – Weapon Energy, Bite, Inertia, ETC
12:35 – Self Righting More!
14:16 – My Mission & Thanks
16:36 – Closing



  1. WARNING: battlebots S6 spoilers

    one worry i have with that new super high rake blade is that in events with wood floors like norwalk it might end up embedding itself in the floor and pull a Blade and shear it's own tooth off, but otherwise looks like it would sure be slicing those UHMW chassis/wheelguards on beaters good

  2. Sounds like the weapon motor and weapons themselves won’t be more powerful, but the weapon stack and weapon positioning improvements will make it better at transferring that power into an opponent efficiently. Liking that you have a new option for fighting verts and drums, looking forward to seeing it at Norwalk!

  3. Thanks for making this content, i love division's journey more than the battlebots videos tbh, i also appreciate that you are lowering the barrier to entry robot combat and it makes me sad that i cant actually go to any events cos they dont exist in my country but watching american videos is always entertaining

  4. We actually just did all of the math you mention about raising a 3lbs mass using GPE in engineering academy. We learned about free body diagrams, force, potential and kinetic energy, and just finished torque and static equilibrium. Currently we’re doing a project about bridges where we have to build a bridge and calculate the amount the bridge should be able to hold and I assume we test that but I haven’t gotten to that yet. Just really cool to see that shit I learn as a sophomore in high school may actually have real world value. Great vid as always!


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