Maker passion speech with Otto DIY robot at Maker Faire in Xian China, Ancient Culture+Latest Tech


Camilo the founder and designer of #OttoDIY makes a great speech about maker passion and the Journey of this popular and cute opensource robot.

You can see the full presentation here:

How much do you know about Xi’an, China?
Perhaps the name is new to you, less commonly heard than, say, Beijing, Shanghai, or — particularly in maker circles — Shenzhen. This 3,000-year-old city was the capital city for 1,077 years, through 13 dynasties. Among other wonders, it’s home to the absolutely incredible Terracotta Army, a collection of full-size funerary statues including more than 8,000 soldiers, along with chariots and over 600 horses, belonging to the first emperor of China and dating back to the late third century B.C. In beautiful juxtaposition, this weekend the city of Xi’an will also become home to the first ever Maker Faire Xi’an, where thousands of years of making will meet and greet the Maker Movement.

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  1. Hola. Felicidades por tu proyecto OTTO… Te quería consultar respecto a la versión de OTTO DIY+ que viene con el módulo bluetooth. Hice todo lo que sale en el manual, logro conectar a mi OTTO por bluetooth con mi celular y puedo medir distancias con el sensor hc sr04, emitir sonidos mediante el buzzer pero al querer hacer movimientos se reinicia el Arduino Nano y pierdo la conección. Me puedes aconcejar que solucion le diste? Saludos desde Argentina.


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