The company that, with the use of AI, can clone and copy any human voice, famous or otherwise. Lyrebird, based in Montreal, Canada, was founded by three University of Montréal PhD students, Alexandre de Brébisson, Jose Sotelo and Kundan Kumar.

See an interview with Bloomberg and the technology in action in this video –

Lyrebird – What Solutions using Voice Cloning are Possible?

A number of solutions are currently being offered from Lyrebird these include – Lyrebird

  • Text Reader –  Offering the possibility to read aloud websites in your favourite voiceover
  • Audio Books – These can be read out to you in the voice of anyone you like such as your friend, parent, celebrity, author or anyone else you choose
  • Audio Chatbots and Assistants – Create a unique voice to match the image of your business that could then become part of your branding and the voice to public
  • Telephone and Online Hotlines – Replace the robotic voice with a more human custom voice to talk to your customers and suppliers again matching the image or ad campaign that you have in mind
  • Video Games – Allow Lyrebird to generate the avatar and in-game character voices you wish to portray. Their technology will also allow the possibility of creating dialogue as you progress in the game.

On the Lyrebird website they have uploaded voice avatar samples for Donald Trump and also Barack Obama. Click Here to hear for yourself on their website. You can also register and upload a voice sample for yourself.

Here is a video from Lyrebird with their Barack Obama digital voiceover in action –

Voice Cloning – The Future

The development of voice cloning and transformation of AI robotic voices into mort human sounding voices is growing rapidly. Many companies are spending a lot of time and money in this area and as we have seen with Google Duplex that AI robot voices are able to sound almost indistinguishable to the human voice.

A French company called CandyVoice is another that also provides an imitation voice service for your smart phone via its eponymous app for both iPhone and Android.

LyrebirdThe use of voice cloning technology could be unlimited –

  • In the healthcare industry there is already Project Revoice helping motor neurone and ALS sufferers fully recover and digitally clone their previously lost personal voices due to the illness.
  • The advertising and marketing industry could start using digitally created unique or cloned voices in their ads rather than use actual celebrities.
  • The cloned voice could be used to give voice to a chatbot such as Replika.
  • Companies could use AI based cloned telephone calling voices to deal with customers
  • Specially created avatar voices could be a used with the aid of of AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to make those cold calls in sales.

This is an interesting development and is likely to concern as much as excite people as this technology develops.


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