Humanoid Robot Brains (Science Out Loud S1 Ep2)


The smartest people in the world have spent millions on developing high-tech robots. But even though technology has come a long way, these humanoid robots are nowhere close to having the “brain” and motor control of a human. Why is that? Evan takes you behind the motor control processes in the human brain, and how cutting-edge research is trying to implement it in robots.
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Creative Commons: CC BY-NC-SA, MIT

Hosted and written by: Evan Ehrenberg
Additional scripting: Elizabeth Choe, George Zaidan, Tyler DeWitt

Executive producer: Elizabeth Choe
Director: George Zaidan
Editors: Jessica Harrop, Per Hoel (//
Production assistants: Conor Olmstead, Dan Martin

Robot footage from MIT Darpa Robotics Challenge Team: //
Fukushima footage from: //
Moon landing footage from: //
Firefighting footage from: //
Music: “Cipher 2” – Kevin Macleod (//
“Magic Mountain” – Jahzzar (//
“Dirt” – Jahzzar (//

Special thanks: Prof. John Essigmann, Simmons Hall



  1. Greate video!
    You guys deserve so much more views!
    I hope one day I'll also be able to play and programm an Atlas Robot or hopefully a much more advanced version.


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