Thursday, January 21, 2021

Robot Vacuum Cleaner – A 2018 Buyers Guide

Robot Vacuum
What is a Robo Vacuum? So these automated cleaners have been much hyped to replace your plug-in and handheld hoovers and Dyson vacuums. Until recently the price has been high but now it seems that the technology has advanced enough for the price to start...

SpotMini from Boston Dynamics – Agile four legged Robot Dog for 2019

SpotMini Robot Dog
Boston Dynamics announced in May that it will release for sale the SpotMini robot dog in 2019. The company have specialised in robot development and research. The company was previously part of Google. The company was sold in 2017 to the Japanese company, SoftBank Group,...

CARL – The Smart Robot to Protect Your Home

What is the Robot CARL? Currently only a concept robot from Design3, CARL has been designed with home protection in mind and as an addition to the SMART Home. It doesn't pretend to look like a human but looks like a machine built with smart...

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