The future of AI and Robot calls is here Courtesy of Google Assistant

You may have already heard your friends mention this or even seen the videos that Google have recently demonstrated their AI Caller Assistant, Google Duplex, making a hair salon reservation and then making a restaurant booking via a phone call. The release date is as yet unconfirmed. Take a look for yourself.

Google Duplex demo by Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Google Duplex Assistant – Should we be amazed and leap in or is there a question of ethics?

Here in the YouTube video below, Bridget Carey of CNET, discusses ethics and whether Google may have gone a step too far with the Google Duplex example phone calls. Should we be worried or is this the future we should all embrace?

What else could a future voice assistant with AI do?

Imagine, a voice assistant in the future could –

  • Check and order your airline ticket
  • Translate into a different language and even make a reservation in the native language and dialect of that country such as the new earbuds and phone app released by Waverley, The Pilot
  • Call up and hold in the wait list and book your installation or repair appointment with your TV/Cable provider, Utility company, Plumber, Electrician etc.
  • Call the Hospital and make your Doctors appointment; this could even be linked to a health app!
  • Book your car in for a service; this could be linked directly to your car’s on-board computer!
  • Given the developments coming from the home robot maybe a Google Duplex type voice assistant could be built directly into for example the Sony Aibo Puppy Robot or Vector being developed by Anki

The possibilities could be endless!

A solution such as this uses natural language rather than a robot voice to engage in a natural conversation flow. Pauses, are filled with natural human pauses such as “Umm”, allowing this type of technology to analyse the conversation and decide on the next natural response. The possibilities could be endless!

Who’s voice can be cloned?

The technology is already here to use your voice, a famous persons voice – see Lyrebird article. So how would you know who was calling? Will there be an obligation for the voice assistant to declare, prior to the call that it is in fact a AI based assistant? All areas being discussed by the tech community as to the best use of this technology.

What do you think? Going too far or just a natural progression of technology to help us all.


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