Ganker EX- A Combat Robot You Use Your Hands To Fight With!


I test the Ganker EX, a unique teleoperated combat robot.
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  1. pretty cool invention with the robot that shoots the ping pong balls maybe if you put casters and wheels on the feet and you body slammed it with your robot it would bounce around and making a little more fun for you?

  2. I know this video is about the robot, but I really like your table. I like how you are able to easily add items to the table like the side panels for the video. What other things can you add? Is it up to your imagination or can only specific things can be added? I just see lots of possibilities for the table.

  3. Lol, the toy engineers are crazy, i thought we never top the interaction steered toys, but this is a new level! Maybe not in far time, we controll the toys with the force of our brains!?😁😂🤣👍

  4. lol the evolution from cautious robot stretching its arms to zooming around waving weapons around wildly. You looked like you were enjoying yourself anyway!

    I was a little disappointed we didn't get the Naomi theme music this time, it's grown on me

  5. Thank you for giving Robert Heinlein credit. He is one of the oldest and most famous of the science fiction writers from the 1950s to late 1960s. His books are excellent quality, hope you can find a couple in chinese!


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