Equifax Pays Banks, Facebook Buys Giphy, M$ Open Source, Evil Robot Songwriters, X-Ray Camera Phone


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Here are the stories we are following this week in the Category5.TV Newsroom:

00:52 – Equifax has finally agreed to pay compensation for the massive security breach it suffered in 2017 that led to the theft of at least 146 million people’s personal info. But before you get excited, the money won’t be going to you, but rather to your bank, which will be paid for the hassle of having to cancel your payment cards.

03:05 – Seven years ago, Facebook claimed not to support the 21st century’s new favorite communication tool, the animated GIF. Oh, how times have changed: Now, Facebook’s newest acquisition is one of the Internet’s most popular GIF hosting sites.

05:16 – Back in 2001, Microsoft CEO at the time Steve Ballmer famously branded Linux β€œa cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches.” But Microsoft has admitted it was wrong about open source, after the company battled it and Linux for years at the height of its desktop domination.

09:29 – Last week we learned that Facebook trained their own chatbot AI using posts from Reddit, but a team of musicologists have done something similar, setting their songwriting bot loose on the social platform.

11:37 – When the OnePlus 8 Pro was first announced, the Photochrom mode appeared to be little more than an artistic color filter. While it produces some interesting results when photographing trees and plants, as it turns out, it allows the user to see through smoke or fog… or clothing.

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  1. Black and white (monochrome) cctv cameras have always been able to see through fog and clothing. And boy have they been used for that very purpose. They can also detect lasers and various other fun things of interest. πŸ˜‡πŸ‘πŸΌ

  2. is not all cryptocurrency price based on "fiat" currency for their stock market trading value? this would make it based on a "promise" to "pay". if this isn't gambling than what is?? (better odds at your friday night poker game.


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