Don't buy the Raspberry Pi & Arduino


Don’t buy the Raspberry Pi or Arduino if you want to learn robotics, electronics, or programming as an absolute beginner.

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  1. I appreciated the video. The message was clear. I see a lot of negative feed back as a whole but it helped me. For those who are bagging on this video try to envision a guy that can weld competition rock crawler truck, build over 500 hp with a 350 v8 that runs on pump gas, can do professional quality car restoration, is a union carpenter by trade, black smithing , can fix big machinery tractors and excell at so much more …. that guy wanting to learn. That's me . I never ever act superior when someone needs help I can offer.

  2. Yeah this is nit right….started programming on lego mindstorms and everso hated every gui based programming. You have to hide stuff in an ide because it is sorted and well documented – this lets you start thunking like you would when producing as your job, because it will be the same.there – learning different IDEs and checkinh.the docs and work of other people. The whole process of setting up an os should be known and learned by any hard/software enthusiast, being scared and just not aaking yourself why it may be like that is not the rifht way. Still have the 2B and 3B and they are perfect allrounders and well available for anybody.

  3. Learning anything can be complicated and scary when you first start but as the old saying goes "You learn by your mistakes".
    If you shy away from trying out things and you won't push the boat out, how are you expected to learn anything?
    If you have the mind set of that looks scary and complicated, the chances are that you won't even think of taking up programming, robotics or electronics, instead you will just sit in the corner peeling bananas with your feet.
    I am new to programming and I have been doing electronics for years, so I thought I would add a computer to some of my projects to liven things up a little.
    in the three months I have been playing around with the awful Arduino and the pityful Pi I have learned how to flash SD cards, alter pre-existing programs and virtually rewrite the code to what I want it to do.
    You are an intelligent guy and you have probably forgotten more about computing than I will ever know but to be honest I really disagree with everything you have said.
    I'm going now and I am going to boot up my Raspberry Pi to Program my Arduino Nano from the Raspberry, so that the Arduino sends back readings from four ultrasonic sensors, level shift the data and send it to my other Raspberry Pi for use on the robot I am working on.
    Building the Robot is scary, complicated and I like it that way because I'm learning.

  4. I'm a beginner and having a blast learning the arduino mini pro, arduino uno R3, and the raspberri pi 3 B, and pi 4.only had them for about two months and have done several projects. Addressable leds, PIR Motion sensors with relays, and afew other. It's fun learning for beginners

  5. In the first 25 seconds, the young man DOES mention these platforms aren't really for beginners, however his accent doesn't clearly enunciate that. It would definitely benefit those who read the title to include the words: "NOT FOR BEGINNING CODERS", or something to that effect.

  6. Ppl, where doesnt have the ability to learn a little bit Code of C++ and wont learn how electronics works, shouldnt buy / use raspberry pi or arduino, thats fact.
    So your Video is some kind of uselesse.
    i have shown til 2:10 and you just do like blahblahblah…. but wtll.. waste of time anyways.

    I have done lot of projects with arduino and they make fun.

  7. I want to start learning linux
    (I just have basic knowledge of visual basic for the time being)
    And I have the opportunity to buy it cheaper in the months coming
    Or later on I'll need to buy it for twice it's price cause in my country it's more expensive

    Should I still not buy it and learn linux on my computer?

  8. What is wrong with all the dislikes? LOL
    This man is right. Arduino almost killed me when I was a beginner. Robotics is so complex. So I just program the dollar microcontroller by itself and save headache.


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