DIY Personal Assistant Robot (finds objects & follows you) Ft. Raspberry Pi & RoboClaw


Instructables Build Guide: //
Code Available at: //

This Rover can use Computer Vision and Machine Learning models to dynamically follow humans around or find any 90 unique objects, pick them up and bring them to you. The rover truly is a personal assistant and its powered by the RoboClaw motor controller, the Raspberry Pi & Google Coral.

Parts available at:
RoboClaw: //
Raspberry Pi: //
Google Coral: //
Other RoboClaw variants: //



  1. Wow, very nice! I came here from the Adafruit tweet, but Subscribed to your channel. Great work!

    One question I did have – do you have to be at the same level of the Robot (sitting) for it to "see" your face? I'd imagine putting the camera on an actuator & allowing it to tilt upward would help that. Could the same code that checked left & right boundaries be used to check for top / bottom, and adjust as necessary?

  2. Wow – Great fusion of hardware, software architecture, sensors, technologies, features, and 3D printing to implement a robust solution that efficiently uses the capabilities of every component. My robot (Carl, a Raspberry Pi 3 powered GoPiGo3 based bot // ) is so jealous!

    Ideas for version 2: 1) give your robot a better name than "whale" or "robot", and 2) give it "eternal life" (really a challenge with LiPos, but add a dock, universal power supply, and recharging circuitry).

  3. This is a very interesting video, Saral. Once again you've demonstrated precision 3D printing and ingenuity. Some ideas discussed are not different from the work of Zack Allen locally, with Slate Robotics featured on my new channel (Frank Schmidt, in Missouri, USA). He's using R.Pi also for networking his actuators. Best wishes, well done.


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