What is the Robot CARL?

CARL Smart Home Robot Currently only a concept robot from Design3, CARL has been designed with home protection in mind and as an addition to the SMART Home. It doesn’t pretend to look like a human but looks like a machine built with smart technology to protect your home and notify you, should it’s sensors pick up anything out of the ordinary.

How does Robot CARL work?

The design concept for CARL is for this robot to be your eyes and ears at home. It has sensors in-built allowing it to smell, listen and view. It is connected to an app on your phone allowing you not only be notified of any changes but also to check-in at anytime.

  • Smell – CARL’s sensors will pick up any changes in the air such as burning, allergens and noxious and potentially dangerous fumes.
  • Hear – The robot will listen for any sudden noises around the house and alert you, thus protecting you against intruders.
  • View – CARL has in-built cameras and sensors allowing the robot the ability to see as well as give you the possibility to see what CARL sees when you are notified via your smart phone app. This ability to view also means you can check in to see your home at anytime yourself. Any intruders are alerted to you instantly via a notification as well as a video of the event.

The robot moves via what DESIGN3 are calling “ballbot technology”. This allows CARL to glide around your house smoothly as well as avoid and even jump over any potential obstacles. As yet we haven’t seen how it could navigate stairs. However, the design concept is that it will integrate itself within your home environment.

See this video of the CARL Robot in action –

CARL Robot – Price and Availability?

As yet the robot is a concept and there haven’t been any announcements made as to when CARL will be released. There hasn’t been any announcement of what price CARL will be available.

The company website does show CARL in various different colours so expect that CARL will be available in many colour options once released.

The Future of Home Robots like CARL?

Sony AIBO Pet Puppy RobotWe have seen that a number of company’s have differing visions as to the future of a home robot. Sony with their pet puppy dog AIBO have gone down the route of the robot to be a cute AI based friend that also has in-built security features.

SpotMini Robot DogBoston Dynamics Spotmini, designed for security around industrial units such as factories and manufacturing places.

Then there is the little ANKI Vector Robot which will likely also have home security features added as greater features are added to it’s functionality.

Many of the company’s designing a robot for the home look like they are making security of your home a key functionality. It all depends whether then we prefer a cute pet robot, a human looking robot like Sophia or a clear machine looking concept robot like CARL.

One thing is for sure these home robots will start appearing in our houses and flats in the not too distant future.

What style of robot do you think will be the most popular type of home robot? What would be your personal preference?


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