Boston Dynamics – Atlas Robot Doing Parkour – Walking, Jumping and Hopping on stairs!


What does Atlas Robot do so far in 2018? – Specifications

This Boston Dymanics robot has come far! Now see the latest video of Atlas the Robot navigating obstacles and steps! Very impressive for a robot that is 5’9″ tall and weighs 330lbs (150 kgs). Atlas is the big cousin of Boston Dynamics Spot and SpotMini robots.

US based Boston Dynamics along with the backing of Japanese based parent company, Softbank, are taking their robots to new levels and that is after this video fromn the company showing Atlas doing back-flips!

How does Atlas navigate obstacles?

Well quite simply a computer brain and computer range and obstacle sensors as well as a vision system in-built.  Impressively, the robot has balancing sensors to stop from falling over. In the event he does fall over then he has the capability to lift himself straight back up again quickly.

This YouTube video that has received almost 8 millionn views shows Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot running:

What does the name Atlas stand for?

In Greece, Atlas was used as a name for children and means Titan in Greek. This robot is certainly living up to its name already! We look forward in anticipation at the new feats is will perfom in the coming 6 to 18 months.


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