How Can an Email Assistant Using AI Help?

Boomerang Respondable email assistant uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help us write better and achieve more actionable emails in real time. Based on data from millions of messages, Respondable offers to make every email you send more effective and relevant for the receiver.

Add Boomerang to Outlook, Mobile or Gmail

Should you add this assistant to Gmail or Outlook it then uses artificial intelligence to, potentially, help you write better, more actionable emails in real time. Based on data from millions of messages, Respondable offers to makes every email you send more effective. Boomerang has also made this email assistant available via an email app for the iPhone and Android phones.

This video below focuses on how Boomerang utilises AI for your emails

Boomerang for Gmail Demo

This video highlights how Boomerang works with Gmail.

Key Features of Boomerang Email Assistant

  • Schedule emails to send at optimal times of your choosing such as early morning or late at night or at a time zone more in-line of your recipient time-zone
  • Snooze emails for sending later
  • Receive read receipts
  • Get follow-up reminders if someone hasn’t, as yet, responded to your email
  • Smart Outlook calendar assistant with voice control via your iPhone or Android phone

This could be a game changer for that cluttered inbox. The Boomerang Website offers a free to paid subscription service depending on your requirements. Visit Boomerang website to take a look for yourself.

Will there be increased use and release of AI based email apps to help us reply and increase the potential of a response, be it for a meeting or a date. It seems inevitable that with AI reviewing and assessing personal styles of writing as well as individual personalities it could help emails be tweaked for each person you send an email. Boomerang is one of the first email assistants in this area. No doubt there are more to come.



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