"Blind" Cheetah Robot Can Climb And Jump…Wait Until You See What Else Is New!


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  1. This black cheetah 3 robot reminds me of the robot dogs in Black Mirror on Netflix where the robot dogs follow and attack three people who are trying to survive and a disastrous world. Only one person survives at the end but thousands of robot dogs come to attack her and that is when the episode ends. Are we being prepared for the future? Predictive programming.

  2. I am so looking forward to you and lisa doing a report together again!!!! I believe that not only are they fluid and seem natural, but I believe that there are some out in public in plain sight and nobody sees it for what it is. Great reporting! Don't stop! Make the videos longer. Thank you as always! GOD bless!

  3. I have my "Insiders" who share periodically what we see on the surface is nothing compared to what they're building in these underground bases, I'm sure you know about them. ANYTHING you see here on the surface is one thing, what the MIC has is about 250 years into the future but in the underground it's a 1,250 – 2,500 years into the future but scary stuff in deed. But we need more people like you dong these videos about what's going on it is ONLY through EXPOSING IT ALL that we get the word out to wake people up and spread the word. Keep up the good work My Friend, you are AWESOME and God Speed to You, Justus, STAY AWESOME. ^_^

  4. LOL it's name is Sophia, not Sophi. Robots are creepy.
    The name Sophia relates back to an ancient and present god, using various names in different regions and era's. I think of the scriptures saying that man 'is the temple of God'. And now in the same form as man are robots made, there is something sinister to this connection. Also, the scriptures say not to make images of anything on earth, I wonder why, possibly because all these created images can be inhabited by demons. I believe in early 2017 is when I had a dream about a silver man in a wooden shipping crate with straw. This dream was before the burst of knowledge to the public about Sophia. In the dream I felt that this silver image was where it should not be. Possibly a human shaped robot with the face of the anit-christ is to come. This isn't good. Deception spreading.

  5. wow….that avatar's movement is so natural and fluid that I couldn't decide if it was a robot or a real person….I didn't think we had advanced into that aspect of animatronics yet…..thnx for the eye-opener Justus…..looking forward to seeing what else you have uncovered on this subject!!


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