An Automatic Cooking Robot!?


I go to the local mall to check out an automatic cooking machine.

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  1. so it's a stir fry machine? I mean the ingridients prep takes more time that the cooking I think, but with the way it comes packaged it looks like a frozen dinner that needs its own microwave. Cool Idea though, Cooking and nutrition is one of the things many want to automatize.

  2. All they need is a detachable tray on the left for easy clean up from drips and a reusable dish for your own ingredients. This would make my life so much easier and wouldn't eat out so much.

  3. humm this could be of use too a single male that doesn't want too constantly eat mostly unhealthy take out. However I think I will stick with cooking things myself . Or let the women have a go at it. Tech is good but its getting too the point we are going too tech ourselves out of existence. I dread the day when We end up like the movie Chappie.
    It would be a crying shame too see Naomi give up her beautiful body albeit modified slightly. In favor of a collection of plastic and wires.


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