Aido: The coolest, creepiest robot gets a shipping date.


Aido will be your friend (if you’re into AI and robots that watch you while you sleep).


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  1. I did destroy Samsung note 7's innocence by asking it a sexual question…. it didn't talk back to me and was acting strange, thankfully it didn't explode in my face. these companies have nothing better to do with a lot of money sometimes like the robot called big eye that looks like a giant dildo. I am sure its a chic magnet.

  2. one year later, still no aido! I haven't seen any videos of the real thing. no reveals, no reviews. Jibo is way ahead. the question that runs in my head is: can it run on carpet? from the video, it runs on hardwood floor, and not a single carpet is seen.
    from the looks of it, looks like someone has to charge it, or it basically dies over night, is there no warning if it is on low battery?
    if it runs on a battery and it wares out, how do you replace the battery?
    what about others who have a two story house, does it have to be hauled upstairs, and can it sense there is a ledge or will it just fall and roll down to the bottom of the stairs?
    its a good design honestly. but needs to improve in a few things, self charging is a plus, rollin on carpet is a another.
    the things that they never tell you in these robot commercials.
    i know it is being long of a comment, but i has been running through my mind a lot. 🙂


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