Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Latest AI Related News

Waverley Pilot Language Translator Earpiece

In-Ear Smart Language Translator Buds – The Waverley Pilot

The Waverley Pilot Language Translator An automatic language translator that sits in your ear and lets you, say speak in French, and the person you...

Vector Home Assistant Robot by Anki – Available to Buy from Oct 2018

Who are the developers Anki? The company are highly regarded as being at the leading edge of robots and artificial intelligence (AI) aimed for the...
SpotMini Robot Dog

SpotMini from Boston Dynamics – Agile four legged Robot Dog for 2019

Boston Dynamics announced in May that it will release for sale the SpotMini robot dog in 2019. The company have specialised in robot development...
Robot Vacuum

Robot Vacuum Cleaner – A 2018 Buyers Guide

What is a Robo Vacuum? So these automated cleaners have been much hyped to replace your plug-in and handheld hoovers and Dyson vacuums. Until recently...
Amazon Go Checkout free stores

Amazon Go – Cashierless, Checkout Free Stores

Amazon Go Stores - Exactly What are they? Amazon Go is a chain of convenience stores operated by the online retailer Amazon, currently with four...