Sunday, June 12, 2022

SpotMini from Boston Dynamics – Agile four legged Robot Dog for 2019

SpotMini Robot Dog
Boston Dynamics announced in May that it will release for sale the SpotMini robot dog in 2019. The company have specialised in robot development and research. The company was previously part of Google. The company was sold in 2017 to the Japanese company, SoftBank Group,...

Robot Vacuum Cleaner – A 2018 Buyers Guide

Robot Vacuum
What is a Robo Vacuum? So these automated cleaners have been much hyped to replace your plug-in and handheld hoovers and Dyson vacuums. Until recently the price has been high but now it seems that the technology has advanced enough for the price to start...

Amazon Go – Cashierless, Checkout Free Stores

Amazon Go Checkout free stores
Amazon Go Stores - Exactly What are they? Amazon Go is a chain of convenience stores operated by the online retailer Amazon, currently with four locations with three in Seattle and one in Chicago. The stores are all, currently, slightly different in format and it...

Replika AI Chatbot Friend Created from your personality

Replika AI Chatbot
What is an AI Chatbot Friend? Launched by Luka, Replika chatbot is a recently released AI phone app that is created to be your closest friend, in fact it learns to become the AI chatbot version of you. This happens via a number of text messaging...

Robot Puppy – The Sony Aibo 2018

Sony AIBO Pet Puppy Robot
AIBO (アイボ) Robot Puppy - Relaunch The cute robot puppy, using the brand AIBO (アイボ), is being relaunched in October 2018 by Sony in the US. It was first introduced and known as AIBO pets back in 1999. Various different models were released and then...

Lyrebird – Articial Voice Creation and Synthesis with AI

Lyrebird AI
Background The company that, with the use of AI, can clone and copy any human voice, famous or otherwise. Lyrebird, based in Montreal, Canada, was founded by three University of Montréal PhD students, Alexandre de Brébisson, Jose Sotelo and Kundan Kumar. See an interview with Bloomberg...

Babylon Health – AI, Machine Learning & NLP in Healthcare

Babylon Health
Healthcare Using AI, Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing (NLP) The British company have a very ambitious mission statement to provide accessible and affordable healthcare in the hands of every person on earth. Known as Babylon Health they are working on the use of AI, ...

IBM Project Debater – AI Learns The art of Debating Humans

IBM Project Debater AI
Why an AI System to Debate Humans? IBM are developing the Project Debater, with the use of AI, to allow computers the ability to create points of view across a range of topics and subjects. It has been 6 years in development and the system...

Robot Suitcase That Moves on Its Own and Follows You!

Robot Suitcase
Smart Robot Suitcase Controlled with a Phone App? Travelmate Robotics have created a completely autonomous robot suitcase powered by AI that will literally follow you around! It has built-in Bluetooth, GPS and an accelerometer. The robot suitcase is controlled via an app on your phone and...

Google Duplex: Amazing! – Robot or Human Voice…can you tell?

Google Duplex AI Assistant
The future of AI and Robot calls is here Courtesy of Google Assistant You may have already heard your friends mention this or even seen the videos that Google have recently demonstrated their AI Caller Assistant, Google Duplex, making a hair salon reservation and then...

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