Tuesday, June 14, 2022

I’m Ronnie and I am a professional with many years experience in technology sales and my passion is the speed of evolution of the coming technology that is either in development or being developed for the very near future. Some of the technology from Star Trek is literally going to become a part of out reality and maybe quicker than we realise.

This blog has been created to keep our readers abreast of the amazing technology with links to videos and companies at the centre of these developments that we think have the potential of transforming our world, as we know it. This is all happening at such an exponential rate that it can be difficult to know what is coming. So our aim is to clearly provide an easy to find space at FutureIsSmart.com to find out.

We welcome industry and technology experts to contribute and would be very happy to hear from you via our contact page. We hope you find this an enjoyable blog to read as we do in putting together our content.