3D Printable Robotic Actuator


Download the parts from here! – //www.thingiverse.com/thing:2859499
Instructables: //www.instructables.com/id/3D-Printable-Robotic-Actuator/

GitHub: //github.com/IdleHandsProject
HackADay.io: //hackaday.io/idlehandsdev

PCBWay Affiliate Link(Get $5): //bit.ly/2yvyB26

Some Tools(Amazon Affiliate):
Soldering Iron Hakko FX888D – //amzn.to/2inegFS
ESD Safe Tweezers – //amzn.to/2x7r4mj
Rework Station – //amzn.to/2xRFZFJ
Power Supply – //amzn.to/2yUD0fM
Oscilloscope – //amzn.to/2xQVJnt
3D Printer – //bit.ly/2yuHVDs

Tech Instagram: //instagram.com/idlehandsdev
Website: //Idlehandsdev.com
Twitter: //twitter.com/idlehandsdev

Instrumentals Produced By Chuki

Camera: Canon T2i
Camera 2: Canon S120
Lens 1: Sigma 30mm Art F1.4
Lens 2: Rokinon 14mm F2.8
Mic 1: Rode Videomic Pro
Mic 2: Rode SmartLav+



  1. I built a coil like this but bigger, it works but to have any force it needs a higher voltage, but with that the coil gets super hot, do I need thicker copper or what can I do to prevent it from heating so much?

  2. what would happen if you used PWM on the motor driver so that its not reversing the polarity on the actuator power input but adjusting it instead? would you be able to freely adjust the position of the actuator or is it either fully up or down only?

  3. Awesome idea! However, the magnetic design could be more efficient – if you can have the magnetic axis of the magnet aligned with the coil. So when you have current direction changing it would attract/repell the magnet. It would give more force than the torque you're getting now with trying to tilt the magnet. Think of a solenoid, that would be the most efficient magnetic design (if only we could 3d print with ferrite material :))

  4. Cool, recently I was interested in artificial muscles I saw some stuff with some people making it out of nylon wire, It was strong but not as fast as this actuator you've made.


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