019 – The Trocadero Robot Up-Cycling Work Shop (9)


London’s Original CYBER Artist; Vincent C. L. Jö – Nés is internationally known for his unique Constructs of the Imagination’ that appear to’ve been transported from the history of the future.

Vince transmutes end of life electronic components & found objects into … ‘ Futuristic Artifacts ‘.

Using phosphorescent & phosphorescent pigments, Vince’s works are created to be seen in normal ambient lighting; then when lights are turned off they glow brightly in the dark; next UV Lights are turned on; hidden colors fluorescence with the magic of a rain bow.

Vince’s interactive sculptures appear to be extracted from a past future. As one looks closer individual components are recognized, bringing gleeful smiles, that what once were common objects, are now embarked on a 2nd life of artistic & scientific – educational expressions; where Vince 1st created light-up ‘T’ shirts & Sci-Fi Caps to motivate class-room workshop creativities.

Exhibited around the world & in outer space on NASA’S Space Shuttle Endeavour in 1992; then back down to earth Vince’s works are exhibited in international galleries, corporate HQ’s & he most enjoys sharing his creativity in community centers … including a local gallery called the Tate Modern, with the Museum of Everything in So. London … too include charity donations.

As London’s Original Cyber Artists Vince’s visual interactive installation launched the 1st retail presentation of London’s CyberDog, Punky Fish, the Collective, the Cyber Market, & other visually successful shops, too include special projects for Sony, Nike, Harrods & occasional Sci. Fi. Conventions. REF’ WWW.VinceJo-Nes.Com … ‘Tis Where Imagination Is Tomorrows Reality … !!!
” Junk Is A Terrible Thing To Waste So Recycle – Reuse – Reinvent The History Of Our Future !!! ”



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